We are a group of students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Oakland University, Michigan, USA. The group is composed of undergraduate and graduate level students who share a passion for computing and technology. Our chapter initiated in the spring of 2003 by Dr. Fatma Mili and a group of students. Currently, Dr. Wenjin Zhou is our faculty sponsor and Autumn Rossetto is our president.

This article gives a better insight of the different ACM-W Student Chapters around the USA and the one at OU.


We are a community of devoted students who want to gather together, bounded by a common passion: Computer Science. By being a student chapter in the field of Computer Science, we are advocated to the advance of Computing as a science and a profession, following the lemma of the ACM International Society.

The ACM-W International Society is our direct source of inspiration, from which we aim to target the women minority in the field, offering them a unique environment in which to share, grow professionally, find new opportunities, at the same time as providing them with friendship and valuable connections.


We basically have regular meeting (coffee meetings) in which we engage in discussions, updates, and plan future events and activities.

The different activities include:

  • Invite successful women in industry and academia as speakers, so they can share their experiences with the audience and encourage other women to be part of the field.
  • Sponsor and co-sponsor events, seminars and talks along with other Oakland University Student Chapters, such as the ACM Student Chapter.
  • Offer a unique environment for women in the field, who are currently students at Oakland University.
  • Give resources, information and help to students in the field.

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